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The Lord’s Taverners South Africa will be a Club of successful people; people who have achieved something in their lives and now want to give something back. In the final analysis, the Membership Committee has to rely on the good judgement and honesty of the applicant’s proposer.


The Lord’s Taverners South Africa needs generous members. Many through their own hard work or good fortune can afford to be financially generous, supporting the Charity through event sponsorship or auction bids. For many others, generosity of spirit is more important. Generous with their time, generous with their knowledge, contacts or experience, generous in the sense of being prepared to give of themselves for the benefit of those less fortunate. Givers not takers.


The Lord’s Taverners South Africa needs people with commitment. People who are prepared to be active in support of the Club and the Charity. Attending our functions and bringing friends and business colleagues with them to continually raise the awareness of both arms of this non-profit organization
So before you propose someone for membership. Please ask yourself whether your candidate meets the criteria above. How well do you know him or her? Ideally the membership committee is looking for two or more years of personal knowledge, but that need not rule out someone with whom you have recently become acquainted.
We look to growing a formidable membership base that can swiftly start changing the lives of those less fortunate thus “giving young people a sporting chance.”

Two Types of Membership

Founding Member : 

R25 000 for life membership, receive a tie, certificate and discounted rates to all future Taverners functions.

Ordinary Member : 

R5000 per annum gives you year one entrance fee and annual subscription and there after they will pay R1000 annual subscription and expected to raise funds on behalf of the Lords Taverners whether it is organising a local day at golf club, sponsoring kids in a fun run, wife organising a Valentines dinner – million ideas….


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